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10 most common fashion faux pas Nigerian women make

Sauntering the red carpet is no easy feat, this we know. However, there is a difference between bad style and bad taste. Bad styling is when you don’t quite know what shows off your best features to best advantages and you have a few style mistakes. Bad taste is when you will wear and do anything on the red carpet to assault the eyes of other guests but to the delight of the paparazzi!

These days the flashlights don’t just go off when you appear like a radiant star in all your finery; no, as these photos shows the pas will chase spectacular fashion faux pas because everyone loves fashion train wrecks…

Here are just a few of the mistakes that we make…


It’s just too short… Mini dresses and skirts can look really hip if you’ve got wonderful legs and you know how and when to wear them…

You might have flawless makeup and great hair but its definitely too short if we can see your crutch…almost!

You know it’s too short if you have to sit uncomfortably trying to use your bag and even mobile phone to cover your nakes laps!


It’s porn star revisited…there is an obvious difference between sex appeal…

  1. The only person who ever looked good in gold spandex shorts was Kylie Monogue and that was when she was 21 and a size 4! The truth is unless you are 10 and a size 4 our African hips and thighs just cant take it. We know you wanted everyone to see your “alluring” tattoo, but come on…
  2. …such a pretty face…surely liquid jeans, skintight jeans or jeggings would have had a sexy effect…these shor shorts look like a female wrestler porn stars uniform.


When there are No redeeming features – sadly we are sometimes guilty of trying too hard and looking like we have something to sell,

  1. What can I say…a full grown woman wearing some kind of really short kaftan, no doubt attempting to attract the opposite sex…so short it is that it appears to be hitched around her hips…worse there is a whole lot of cellulite on display. It even looks like she isn’t wearing any knickers! All this at a daytime event…sad…
  2. Much of the same.


Getting the style wrong…this is when someone takes a trend byt get it all wrong…

  1. She’s wearing a halter top but it looks more like scarf tied over her chest. Then there is the complication of the boob tube worn underneath and the visible bra straps.


Too much of a good thing?…it appears that Nigerian women- celebrities, B-lister and all have suddenly discovered cleavage. It’s like everywhere you go you are boobarded with mummeries the size of overripe melons spilling out of clothes. Small and moderate chested women look great but when we are talking of double GGs, surely that’s assault.

  1. Inner wear as outer wear all gone wrong- I suppose wed be laughing too if we had nothing else to cover our bra with…
  2. Letting it awwwwwwllllllllllll hang out.


When fashion becomes bondage.

  1. You know it isn’t good when you’ve poured yourself into a blouse and then finished the uncomfortable look with an abortion belt…no wonder you look so stressed. We’d feel and look the same if we couldn’t breathe


  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, July 06, 2010



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