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10 questions you should ask before accepting that new job

To get the money, respect and happiness you expect in a new job, you should ask your employers 10 vital questions before you even consider taking on the job. Once you have scaled the tests and interviews and offered the job, brace yourself and ask politely your questions.

Here are the 10 questions you should ask:
1. Can l negotiate the salary?
Since your salary is an offer, don’t hesitate to see if you can get a better deal. You should have investigated what is offered in the industry for  your position, and table your demands based on your qualifications and experience. Asking does no harm.
2. What are the perks and extras?
What are the things on offer apart from money? Free food, opportunity to see the world, free clothes, discounts, training, flexible schedule, etc.
3. What career development opportunities are available?
In a few months and years, where will you be? Can you grow with the company, acquire important skills and experience ?
4. How do staffers get promoted?
What are the skills and aptitude expected of staffers who want to be promoted? How often are staffers promoted?
5. What do your employees say about the company?
It is important to gauge a company by what those who already work there say. Do they enjoy working there? Are the satisfied and happy with their careers?
6. What don’t they like about working in the company?
This question will put a lot of things in perspective. The panel’s openness will bring many things into focus. It might be long hours, bad team work, staff turnover…
7. How’s your weekend or holiday?
This question is to worm yourself into their hearts. To become a bit familiar.
8. What do they understand as success in the new role you are undertaking?
Their answer will open your mind to what is expected from you. And it also prepares you for the tasks ahead.
9. Who is my immediate boss?
Knowing who you report to, understanding them are important in any job.
10. Can l get a formal letter with these details?

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