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10 things we now know about London terror attack

A middle aged Asian this afternoon (Wednesday, March 22, 2017) drove  his Hyundai jeep into pedestrians and cyclists on Westminster Bridge injuring dozens before he jumped onto the grounds of Houses of Parliament (London, the United Kingdom) where he stabbed a policeman, but he was eventually shot.

The horrific tragedy was quickly contained in minutes as anti-terror policemen flooded the grounds.
Here are some details about the terror attack:
1. The attack began from the South London end of Westminster Bridge where the middle aged Asian began mowing down pedestrians and cyclists.
2. The mayhem saw the bodies littering the path, with some of the victims thrown into River Thames.
3. Over a dozen were injured, and two dead from the impact of the jeep. One of the victims died under a bus.
4. The driver then crashed into the gates of Houses of Parliament, jumped onto the grounds.
5. He was wielding two knives, and stabbed a policeman who died.
6. The terrorist was shot dead.
7. More anti-terror policemen flooded the area.
8. Parliament  was abruptly stopped, with members told to stay in.
9. The Prime Minister, Theresa May was ferried away in a car to safety.
10. Gates of Buckingham Palace was quickly locked



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