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10 weird people you meet at the Muritala Muhammed International Airport

The Murtala Muhammed International Airport MMA, is a major airport that servesNigeria as a whole. Certainly the busiest in the country with an international and cargo terminal, it stays open 24 hours daily and every time, you take a look around, there is a wide variety of wierd people wandering the grounds.

Jovago.com, Africa’s no.1 online hotel booking portal reveals these interesting personalities that you are bound to see each time at the nation’s largest airport.

The late comer

These people most usually run into the airport with a trail of luggage. They arrive late and create havoc at the check-in counter for not being let in. They almost always make a scene or kick up a huge storm. You see them trying to bribe the airport staff, or even someone in the line when cutting the line does not work.


The pervert

Every airport has a pervert and MMA is not an exception. The pervert is usually the one who just sits and stares at you inordinately possibly making lewd gestures, has his eyes glued to a pornographic magazine or watches a porn movie loudly, not paying mind to his environs. Sometimes these breed of passengers even ask inappropriate questions unabashedly or try to start up weird conversations.

The eager tourist

Their dressing alone marks them out. You find them wearing fur coats, winter jackets or flowery shirts, depending on the destination they are heading to. They are more concerned about the environment waiting at the end of the flight rather than the immediate physical discomfort of the journey itself. Also, they are usually the jolliest and most cheery of travelers.

The celebrity

Yes, celebrities – both local and international – pass through the MMA on a regular basis, however, aside from the actual celebrities, there are others who grant themselves the status and try to force it on other passengers at the airport. You see them wearing sunglasses through security, demanding special attention and asking someone else to carry her bags. Basically, they are divas and can be a pain to the airport staff, as well as other passengers.

The first timers

This set of people are hopelessly clueless, they have no idea what is going on, or how they even got to the airport. They look nervous and keep asking bouts of questions. Often, you find them roaming around the airport looking lost. It is usually nice to help them out with the basic information they need.

The Disconcerted Parents

These passengers usually have a baby or an army of children with them. You often find them looking exhausted from struggling with marshaling the children. Their struggle is more evident when the kids get hungry and give in to gales of tears or howls of misery. Many times, the other passengers feel sympathy for them, except of course they have a crying baby whose screams are loud and disconcerting.

The important business man

They are usually loud and take a lot of phone calls while waiting on their flight. It generally appears as though the businessman is far more important than the phone call as he struggles to let everyone know just how important he is. He is also the one who keeps yelling into a phone over some dilemma after the flight attendant has asked everyone to switch off their mobile devices.

The gadget slave

These passengers usually have earphones plugged in their ears, or are spotted pounding the keys of their computer, iPad or mobile phones. They exist in a world of his own, glued to their gadget without looking around or interacting with anyone else, until their flight is announced.

The lovebirds

They are the ones you find making a public show of their romance. They are sit together, feed themselves, laugh loudly at each other’s jokes and if it is possible they also want to go through security together! Most times, they wear identical clothes, and take endless selfies together. Much like a crying babies, a loving couple can show up and make everyone uncomfortable.

The sleeping beauties

These are the ones who do not have a care in the world, they are not bothered about their luggage being stolen, nor do they care about snoring at a public place. They sprawl on the airport seats, deep in sleep, oblivious to the things happening around them. They are usually people who live through delays, cancellations, and jet lags with sleep.

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