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11 fresh horrific details of Orlando shooting sicken the world

Fresher details are emerging on the three and half hour horror at Pulse Nightclub, Orlando, Florida (United States of America) on Sunday, June 12 morning, where 49 people were killed by Omar Mateen, and another 53 injured.

The crazed shooter, 29, who survived Federal Bureau of Investigations’ search light on three occasions,  escaping from a ten month surveillance had wanted to die a martyr, hoping that the agency would storm his house, kill his son and wife.
Here are some more horrific details of the attack and the crazed attacker…
1. The terrorist and homophobic visited Saudi Arabia twice for Umrah (lesser Hajj) in March 2011 and March 2012. The pilgrimages lasted ten days.
2. The pilgrimages were after his first wife (Satori Yusufiy) left him after many months of abuse. When they were married after meeting online, he showed little interest in religion. But became more religious after his divorce.
3. Boston marathon bombers (Tamerian and Dzorkhar Tsarnaev) fascinated him to no end, and he described them as his homeboys.
4. Weeks before Sunday, June 12 attack, he wanted to buy a sophisticated body armour without success. But he succeeded in buying the guns he used for the gay club massacre.
5. Omar, who worked at GS4 Security, a global outfit which has now suffered battery at the stock market following the attack, was said to have bipolar disorder by his first wife.
6. His trip to Miami a month ago where he saw two men kissing, infuriated him – and he never got over the experience, vowing to kill people.
7. In his Fort Pierce home, in Apartment 107 at Woodland Condominium, photos of his three year old son littered everywhere. And there were many toys, including a Spider-Man bike, toy trucks.
8. There was a calendar in which he marked June 7, 10 pm as D-day at his home. And books about Islam were found there ( ‘Crucial matters  in the life of a Muslim’ and ‘Being Palestinian makes me smile’).
9. Workout equipment were also seen in the apartment.
10. The shooting at Pulse Nightclub started at 2:03 am and ended at 5:30 when the terrorist was killed.
11. Survivors had to run, hide under dead bodies, crawl out of hiding when police drilled holes in the walls.

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