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11 more details of the horrific London terror attack

The horrific London terror attack of Wednesday, March 22, 2017, on Westminster Bridge and Parliament grounds (London, the United Kingdom) left four dead and 29 injured.

The lone middle-aged Asian driving a £32,000 Hyandai Tucson plowed into pedestrians and cyclists and later leapt onto the grounds of Houses of Parliament in the afternoon.
Wielding long knives, he killed a policeman before he was shot.
Here are more details as anti-terror policemen intensify operations to nab associates and accomplices:
1. The terrorist remains unnamed as policemen comb the country for his associates and accomplices.
The middle-aged Asian is known to anti-terror investigators. And he’s said to be British-born.
2. Three people were arrested in Birmingham last night, and five others detained after a raid of six properties.
3. The Hyandai Tucson was said to have been registered in Chelmsford, Essex.
4. In all, about four people died, and 29 injured.  Some of those injured are in critical condition.
5. Among those killed are Aysha Frade, 43, who died after being hit and thrown under a bus. She was on school run, on her way to pick her two daughters (aged 8 and 11).
Her husband is Portuguese.
6. The Police officer stabbed to death is Keith Palmer, 48, who’s a father of two children.
He was a Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection officer.  The married officer served 15 years with the Police.
7. Andrea Cristea, 29, an architect plunged into River Thames to avoid being hit. But she’s in critical condition.
She’s one of two people who leapt into the river.
8. Some of those injured were three policemen, three French teenagers from Lycee Saint Joseph in Brittany, five Korean tourists taking pictures of Big Ben, and four students from Edge Hill University in Ormskirk.
9. The assailant went into the Parliamentary grounds from an unmanned open gate.
10. Doctors from nearby St. Thomas Hospital rushed to the scene to attend to the injured and dying.
11. Some passersby were busy taking selfies instead of attending to the injured.



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