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’12 ways my life has changed in 2 months’ – Olajumoke Orisaguna

In a fresh interview with, bread hawker turned model and millionaire, Olajumoke Orisaguna has listed 12 ways her life has changed.

The 27 year-old hairstylist from Iree (Osun state) who photo-bombed Tinie Tempah’s shoot in February while hawking bread thanked Nigerians, especially those that turned her life around for good.

The mother of two daughters (Grace, 5, and Precious, 18 months) who is married to Sunday, an aluminum window and door installer listed her good fortunes:

  1. ‘I am now working, we have a beautiful place to call home… I can’t imagine myself living in such a lovely place to call home. I like everything about the house, most especially the bedroom.’
  2. ‘I was sleeping on the floor at the bakery. At home in Iree (Osun), I shared a room with a lot of people.’
  3. ‘My lifestyle has changed. I am looking healthier, living healthier.’
  4. ‘I have a lot of clothes, not just clothes but fashionable clothes.’
  5. ‘I eat better things.’
  6. ‘I don’t have friends now. My husband and my children are my friends now.’
  7. ‘My husband (Sunday) supports me. He’s thankful that things have turned around for us. We both own everything we have.’
  8. ‘School (Poise School in Lekki, Lagos) is fine. I am enjoying it; I’ve learnt a lot of things.’
  9. ‘Yes, I have heard from them (my parents). They even came to visit us in our new house.’
  10. ‘People have been calling me for assistance. I give them when I have, and if there’s nothing I tell them.’
  11. ‘I sleep well at night – but when I wake up, I make sure I pray.’
  12. ‘My children are doing fine. They are about starting school. My first child (Grace) is in primary one, the last one (Precious) is in crèche.’

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