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15 ways the superlative nuptials of Ernest Azudialu-Obiejesi’s daughter will cross N100 million mark

The Saturday, February 4, 2017 nuptials planned for Engr. Chinazo Isabelle Azudialu-Obiejesi, the eldest daughter of billionaire oil mogul with hands in several lucrative pies, Dr. Ernest Azudialu-Obiejesi, will easily cross the N100 million threshold set by the special 1%.

Ernest Azudialu-Obiejesi

Ernest Azudialu-Obiejesi

The coveted breed with ways and means to enjoy life to the fullest, residing in the best parts of town with billions in net worth and an arresting jet-set lifestyle, usually teach us a thing or two with their fabulous events.

And with this union, the trappings of splendour and glamour will be on parade as Chinazo Isabelle is joined in holy matrimony with Dr. Mekam Tochukwu Okoye Ajana. The wedlock is at Our Saviours Church, Tafawa Balewa (Onikan, Lagos) with a high-octane reception slated for Landmark Events Centre, Oniru (Victoria Island, Lagos).

High society, Azudialu-Obiejesi’s well-heeled compatriots leading in various fields, from tycoons to professionals and those in the corridors of power, are going to keep the Okija, Ihiala (Anambra) indigene company on his family’s glorious day.

What’s more, all the elements that elevate shindigs to the top of Serie A are being fine-tuned.

Here are 15 ways the wedlock will set itself as the most lavish of 2017 as it rubs shoulders with the most serenaded nuptials Nigeria has ever witnessed:


  1. Wedding office and event planner

The wedding office, with responsibility of coordinating the nuptials before the day and after the ceremony, has swung into action. With briefs from the Azudialu-Obiejesis, the office and the event planner designed  the invite, commissioned and are distributing them after agreeing on the number of guests and drawing up the guest list. Many of the elements that will colour the ceremony bright and beautiful, from venue to vendors, decor and more, including aso ebi, are on the table of the office and event planner.

This office is run with millions of Naira.


  1. The invitation card

The invitation card picked is simple and elegant but expensive. The beige invite with silver crest of the couple’s initials has landed on the door steps of guests.

The two-in-one card (one for church service, and the second for reception) is a statement in class.

For at least a thousand guests, that invite runs into millions of Naira.


  1. Pre-wedding photo shoot

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAfTAAAAJDM2MGUwMTJjLTI3MzctNDdlZS1hZTZiLWY3NmE3MGNlY2IxYwLike couples do now, special pre-wedding shoot, sometimes abroad, by a photographer with reputation, costing an arm and a leg, has been undertaken.

The photographs are packaged in beautiful photo books and DVDs.


  1. The programme for the church and reception

Dedicated brochure containing the order of service in church, listing officiating ministers would have been printed.

This order of service is usually combined with the reception programme. And here, pre-wedding pictures of the couple are displayed.

And if what we saw from the invite is anything to go by, a classy brochure will be on our hands on February 4.

In addition to regular brochure, some families print commemorative publications telling the couple’s love story.


  1. The garbs for the couple, bridal train and family and different aso ebi

It is Chinazo Isabelle’s special day, and she’s expected to showcase a breathtaking wedding gown specially made to fit her to a ‘t’.

She will also have a dinner gown to change into as the reception gets underway.

For Mekam Tochukwu, the best tuxedo money can buy should be favoured.

He also has to think of an attire for the after party.

Don’t forget the bridal train and groomsmen as well as the couple’s immediate family members who will be dressed to the nines in beautiful pieces.

There are many other accessories to take care of – shoes, ear rings, necklaces and more.


  1. Jewelry to be exchanged

We are talking about fabulously blessed souls, and the gems to be exchanged must glitter and sparkle.

The engagement ring (already decorating the bride’s finger, from the November 12, 2016, ceremony in Okija, Anambra State) and wedding bands will be painstaking sourced and expected to be very expensive.


  1. The long list of vendors

Assemblying the right vendors to ensure an enjoyable ceremony takes proper planning. From decoration to small chops, cocktails to beverages, wine, champagne and all sorts of liquor to food, only the best must be on offer all through the duration of the reception and after party.

There is also security to consider. And apart from policemen, security companies with specialty in events are commonplace.


  1. Venue

Landmark Event Centre on 2/3 Corporation Drive, Victoria Island, is one of the most favoured spots by the blessed and endowed.

The beautiful venue cost N5 million.


  1. Entertainment

From a popular and well respected master of ceremonies to a comedian, DJ and musicians, good money will be splashed on this segment.

All those listed take more than a millionapiece.


  1. Photography and video coverage

The event will be frozen for posterity in beautiful still and motion pictures.

There will be several photographers and video cameramen to capture the ceremony.

Photo books and DVDs will be handed to the couple and families weeks later.

This long list of professionals also charge millions.

Media coverage  (print and television) are added to the mix. The wedding is showcased in living colour for the enjoyment of all (especially those who follow high society).


  1. 5-star accommodation for the couple and bridal train

To ensure that the ceremony starts on schedule, all the major participants are lodged in the same place, usually a hotel near the venues  (church and reception).

The couple, bride’s maids and groomsmen are together on the night before the day and retire there after the event.


  1. Make up artist

The bride and her train need the services of make up artists to transform them into Princesses.

And only the best will do.


  1. Limousines and cars for the couple and bridal train

There are limousine services dedicated to taking care of weddings. And since the train is long, there will be a few vehicles in the convoy.

Those who choose more remarkable entrances sometimes pick horse drawn carriages.


  1. Mementos

For those who find time to attend the ceremony, family members lavish them with mementos of all kinds. From towels to buckets, and sometimes very expensive items are handed to guests for making the event more enjoyable.


  1. Gift for the couple

Those with means reward their children with cars or houses. A few times, billionaires have handed their children Rolls Royce! And apartments in the poshest part of town to begin matrimony.


  1. Honeymoon

Honeymoon in scenic spots across the world is non-negotaible.

For many days, the couple will take time off to catch their breaths and know themselves more intimately.

Tickets, accommodation and food, as well as allowance to shop are thrown in.



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