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2.6 million children in the world’s richest countries now live below poverty line – UNICEF

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has shockingly revealed in a report that up to 2.6 million children in developed countries have fallen below the poverty line (the estimated minimum level of income needed to life’s basics) since the economic crisis struck in 2008.

UNICEF’s analysis, released today (Tuesday, October 28) in Rome (Italy), showed that early economic stimulus programs in some countries were effective in protecting children, but that things changed after 2010. The hard-hit countries include Ireland, Croatia, Latvia, Greece and Iceland, where poverty rates rose by more than 50 percent; others are Spain and Luxembourg.

Jeffrey O’Malley (UNICEF’s head of global policy and strategy) in a press release on the organization’s website said: “The report found that the social policy responses of countries with similar economic circumstances varied markedly, with differing impacts on children”.

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