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2 Months After Husband’s Death, Ajigijaga’s wife,  Zainab delivers baby boy


‘My joy has come back’ – she gushes

THE family of late veteran actor, Mufutau Sanni, famously addressed as Ajigijaga, is now in a celebratory and joyous mood as his wife, Zainab put to bed.  She delivered a baby boy on Monday, September 14, 2015, at a private hospital in Sango, Ogun State.  The tot came exactly six weeks after the death of Ajigijaga, on Friday, July 31, 2015, after a brief illness.

In this exclusive interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Saturday, September 19, 2015, the elated and joyous mother expressed gratitude to God for restoring her joy.  She also stated the reason she personally christened the child, Ayotunde and more…


We congratulate you on the arrival of the new baby.

Thank you, Sir.  God bless you.

AJIGI-610x350How does it feel delivering a baby boy two months after the death of your husband, Mufutau Sanni, a.k.a Ajigijaga?

It feels good that I delivered safely.  I really thank God that despite the trauma I passed through after the death of my husband, my baby still came safely and without any complication whatsoever.  I am happier that it’s a baby boy.  That means the joy that departed from me when my husband died has come back.  My sorrow has been replaced with joy by God.  That’s the reason for my happiness and I must sincerely be grateful to God about that.

How would you describe the experience agonizing alone since your husband passed away till the day of delivery?

It has been not been easy but being a Muslim, I had to resign to fate and believe in Allah that with Him all things are possible and I thank Him for not disappointing me.  He has always been there for me even when my husband was alive.  And now that Ajigijaga is no more, He still remains the same Allah.

How would you have felt if Ajigijiga were to be alive to witness the arrival of this bundle of joy?

I think you already know how I should have felt.  I would have been the happiest person because my husband loves children and he has been so caring all through his life time.  Seeing him with me now would have doubled my joy.  But I thank God for his life.  He was a good Muslim and also died a Muslim which he had always wished.

And as the situation is right now, we just have to consult the family before doing the naming.  But if Ajigijaga were to be alive, we won’t need to consult any member of the family before we take any decision as regards naming or no naming.  But since he is no more, we just have to do that for the naming of his child.  I have to wait for the family to decide.

What name do you wish to give the child?

I have already given him Ayotunde which means my joy has come back just like I told you.

When exactly was the baby born?

That was Monday, September 14, at exactly 7.45 p.m when they were about to observe the last prayer (Solat) of the day.  The baby came as the call to prayer was made.  It’s a kind of unique thing to happen and I thank God for that.

How are you now preparing for the naming?

We’re all preparing but it’s going to be low key because of Sallah which is just few days to come.

Where will it hold?

That will definitely be at the family head’s residence in Ota, Ogun State.  But I don’t know if there is still going to be an elaborate naming ceremony after Sallah.  Everything depends on the decision of my husband’s family.

Lest we forget, which hospital was the child delivered and who paid the bill?

I delivered the baby at a private hospital, Mayowa Maternity, Sango, Ogun State.  And concerning the delivery bill and all that, everything was by my mother.  All I have to say is a big thanks to her for being with me since I became a widow.

What of your husband’s family?  Are you saying you’re not enjoying any support from the family?

Just like I said, it has been my mom alone taking care of me since I became a widow.  If anything comes from any of my husband’s family members, that will be a surprise which I don’t expect.  So, if nothing also comes at the end of the day, I can’t be disappointed. I live on God’s mercies and that has been enough for me.

How much do you still miss your husband?

I can’t even express that.  It’s difficult to measure how much I still miss Ajigijaga.  I will forever miss him because there was no husband like him when he was alive.  I will miss him forever.  But I thank Almighty Allah for carrying his baby and delivering safely.

Any further word of appreciation?

All I have to say is Allahamdulillahi.  God has been wonderful to me and I will forever be grateful to Him.


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