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2 things Nigerians are most upset about with APC


Muhammadu Buhari Two years of All Progressives Congress at the centre, with President Muhammadu Buhari in the saddle, failed to record appreciable success on two fronts. And these two areas upset our compatriots to no end as they are central to our happiness.
Since May 29, 2015, when the new government was sworn in, Nigerians have been left worse off by:

1. Constant darkness in spite of the promises to provide 24-hour electricity. In fact, electricity has become scarcer than ever.

2. The recession which has caused more job losses and impoverishment appears to defy solutions as it has enjoyed a long reign of pain and decimation.

These two pivotal areas which multiply happiness quotients and empower us all by transforming the standard of living are the sources of embarrassment to this government.
Since the economy is everything, All Progressives Congress can hardly lay claim to creating better lives for Nigerians…

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