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2 types of apps that never succeed in Nigeria

The Nigerian mobile application market is still in its infancy. As new technologies surface, the scope of what apps will be able to achieve in the near future is inconceivable. However, while some apps mint money, gain media coverage and have thousands of users, most fail to become profitable and sustainable.

Building a great app is not easy and building an app that stays on the top charts for years is certainly a challenge. Whereas some developers just get lucky, many times success is the result of a colossal amount of efforts and knowing what to do. There is no magic formula to app success; however starting on the right track saves you a lot of heartache.

Jovago.com, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking portal reveals 2 types of apps that will always fail in Nigeria. Consider and see if you are not building one of these.

Apps that do not cater to a problem or need

It is very simple, your app is either solving a problem or causing a problem. No matter how fancy the interface or outlook, no one wants to install an app that does not solve any problem or add value to them in anyway as it will only take up space on the device, consume data and possibly even clog the system.

Almost every successful app ever built for Nigeria, were built out of problems that the developers experienced and solved for themselves and then went further to develop an app to help others solve same problem.

It’s not just about solving a problem, though. It is about whether your users would be willing to shift from their existing solutions because you solved an intrinsic problem that no other app could do until you launched yours.

The most popular apps help solve everyday problems, from getting a taxi –easytaxi or uber, to ordering food – Hellofood, or getting news updates – Punch Mobile. But there are still so many problems out there that need a good solution, so your next big app idea may be closer than you think. Be aware of problems that you have personally and how an app could solve it. The only way you can ensure that your app will be around for a long time to come is if it is an app that people cannot live without. Apps that do not solve a problem will never see the light of the day, let alone survive…at least, not in Nigeria.

Apps that are too expensive

If you are building an app for Nigeria, ensure you have alternative ways to make money from the app excluding billing customers for installation. Majority of Nigerians would rather go for a free app that offers substandard value, than a paid app that offers intrinsic value. There is a huge difference between $0.00 and $0.99. You can monetize your app with in-app purchases, but to exponentially increase the odds of someone giving your app a try, just use the magic word: free.

App development isn’t easy, but it is key to building a sustainable online business across all platforms. However, if you are insistent on the notion that your app solves a problem that no other app in the country can and so, users Nigeria will be forced to purchase it anyways, you might be in for the long haul as your success will come in trickles and before you know it, a free alternative to your app will be quickly developed and your app will eventually fail. Bottom-line, top paid apps rarely succeed in the Nigerian app market.

In conclusion, it is imperative that the app is original, solves a problem and is easy to attain. Once it meets these criteria app, everything that follows will be easier.


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