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2015 Presidential Election: Post election violence fear spreads…

THERE are fears that election-related violence might erupt in some parts of the country before and after the March 28 and April 11 polls. 

Here are some of the flashpoints we have noted.



Security experts have identified Rivers State a major flashpoint.  The number of election-related violence so far in the South-South state gives credence to this prediction.

Rivers State is the battleground of the PDP and APC who are struggling to deliver the state to President Goodluck Jonathan and APC’s Buhari.



There is also likelihood of clash between Jonathan and Buhari supporters in Edo State.  The fracas at the State House of Assembly is a solid pointer to the tension in the state.



Another state that might also be plunged into violence is Imo State, where the incumbent governor, Chief Anayo Rochas Okorocha would be battling Jonathan’s foot soldiers.



Some parts of South-West might also be caught in the wave of violence after the general elections.  The importance of the geo-political zone in the presidential election is such that the victory of Jonathan or Buhari might be decided here.

So, expect a clash of interests in Lagos, Ogun and Ekiti States.



The North-East is also a flashpoint.  Reason being that insurgents who have been rounded up by Nigerian gallant military might reinforce and strike back.

It is also feared that the political elite might also react violently if their preferred candidates lose elections.

Hence, adequate security should be put in place in Yobe, Adamawa, Borno and Bauchi States.



The North-West has the highest votes in Nigeria.  And the stakes are quite high with possibilities of election-related violence.  That’s why Kano has been deserted by non-indigenes ahead of the elections.

Anything can happen in this state with a record of violence usually targeted against political opponents.



Hundreds of lives were lost in post election riots in Kaduna in 2011.

And nothing has changed since the bloody scenario that cost the state billions of naira.

Security agencies are therefore, on the lookout for trouble makers in Kaduna State, where Buhari resides.



Similarly, Buhari’s home state, Katsina is prone to post election violence, despite assurances of the government and the intelligence community to the contrary.


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