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2016 fashion trends

Fashion is forever and it is part of our everyday life. So, new trends are bound to pop up and evolve. Some styles stay in vogue for really long time before taking a break while others are around for just a little while.

2016 promises to be a great year fashion wise, as we are very sure a lot of new styles will be introduced and revamped.

ENCOMIUM Weekly brings to you the 2016 fashion trends.



The off-shoulder clothings have been around for a really long time and have refused to go out of trend. They are still very much in trend for 2016 and might be here all through the year because a lot of ladies seem not to have gotten enough of them. They range from off-shoulder crop tops and the off-shoulder dresses.



The waterfall jackets are a must-have for every lady this year. They are stylish and dramatic. They are called waterfall jackets because they have a flowing lapel that mostly drapes in folds or ruffles.

It can be worn formally or casually. They come in different styles, short, knee length and long. They also come in different fabrics. It can be worn with a sleeveless top, pair of skinny jeans and flat sandals.

The knee length waterfall jackets can be worn to the office with a pair of skinny jeans, office shirt and a pair of high heeled sandals. It can also be worn with a body or straight fitted midi dress.



The sleeveless jackets are still the in-thing for 2016. As they are still in massive demand, ladies won’t just stop rocking. We can perhaps blame it on the Nigerian weather. They also come in different lengths, short, knee length, and long. They can be worn with anything as they suit every occasion.

You can rock them with a pair of ripped jeans, tank top and flat shoes or court shoes. You can equally wear it to your work place with a plain white shirt, a bright coloured skirt and nice court shoes or with a bodycon dress.



The lace up clothings are said to have made a comeback from the 70s. The lace up clothings are in different styles, and they are the lace up tops, lace up dresses, lace up body suits, lace up crop tops and more. It usually features a front lace up detail that shows little part of the boobs.

The lace up dresses that are usually body fitted can be worn alone or with a sleeveless jacket or the waterfall jacket.



The fringe shoes made its debut towards the end of 2015 and are still very much in trend in 2016. In fact, we are sure we would be seeing more fringe shoes in even more daring styles.

Fringe shoes are usually worn with either midi length dresses, denim trousers or really short dresses.



The denim skirts trend revolves and every time it comes back, it does so with a different style. The style currently in vogue is the midi denim skirt. They can be worn with any type of top. You can equally wear them to your place of work on a Friday. They are either straight or flared slightly with side pockets.




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