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22 Amazing facts about Agege bread hawker turned  model, Olajumoke Orisaguna

1          Olajumoke Orisaguna, 27, is from the polytechnic town of Ire, Osun State.

2          Her father is a farmer, and her mother sells vegetables to make ends meet. She also has a step mother.

3          The death of her elder brother made her mature quicker as she provided leadership for her three other siblings.

4          She sold vegetables while her age mates played and pranced around the town. And also helped her father at the farm.

5          She could not go beyond primary school, and had to enroll to learn ‘hair dressing’ for three years.

6          In 2013, after completing her training, she rented a shop in Ire, but business was dull (since boom is only experienced when students are in session).

7          She first  tried hawking bread in Lagos for 6 months in 2011 (to save money to equip her shop in Ire).

8          Since business was dull in Ire, she returned to hawk bread in Lagos in January 2016.

9          At the photoshoot of Tinie Tempah in   Yaba (Lagos) by TY Bello, Olajumoke Orisaguna with her loaves of bread balanced on a tray photobombed the session as she had to quickly attend to her mechanic customers that evening of February 2.

10        Along with about 40 other hawkers, she stayed at Liberty Bakery, on Commercial Road, Yaba (Lagos) with her 16 month-old daughter, Precious (who was constantly sick because of the squalor).

11        Her profit daily was between N300 and N700 (after collecting stock of about N5,000) from the bakery headed by Mr E.A . Ojo.

12        The photo bombing episode changed her life, as many people took interest in her, and TY Bello launched a search for Olajumoke.

13        The day she was later found, scores had been on the lookout after her picture trended on social media.

And on her morning run, she was stared and gawked at – and she was so scared as if she had committed a crime.

14        The third day after  Tinie Tempahr’s shoot, a mallam ran after her in an estate while she was hawking, and told her madam (TY Bello) was looking for her. That meeting changed her life.

15        She has signed a modeling deal with FEW Models (owned by Bolaji Fawehinmi).

16        Payporte  reportedly wants her for a campaign, and she’s expected to rake in huge sum.

17        Jumoke met her husband, Sunday, Orisaguna, an aluminum doors and windows installer while she was training as a ‘hair dresser’ in Ire.

He visited often and the trainees liked him because he’s funny.

Eventually, he told Jumoke that he fancied her, and would like to make her his wife.

She told him she would think about it, and it took her 6 months to agree.

18        Sunday Orisaguna’s life has always been tough and challenging. He came to Lagos in 2009 to wash cars, for four years, after his father died.

19        He again came back to Lagos to ride ‘okada’ for another three years.

20        Sunday and Olajumoke have two daughters, Grace (5) and Precious (16 months).

21        Olajumoke has started lessons on how to be a model, and due to improve her English in an evening school.

22        Sijibomi Ogundele of Sujimoto Construction has offered the couple a luxury apartment, and Jumoke scholarship…



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