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22 hottest twitter jokes about Oscar Pistorius’ laughable jail term

The twitterverse, in its tradition, has reacted to the sentencing of South African blade runner (Oscar Pistorius) with jokes and memes, ridiculing the five-year jail term verdict of Judge Thokozile Masipa.
Folks on the micro-blogging site have wasted little time to show their displeasure for the sentence which could be the athlete spend just ten months in jail, and the rest under house arrest. 
Here are 22 of the best twitter jokes and memes about Oscar Pistorius’ sentence…
@percyqwyntel: It’s ironic that #OscarPistorius will wake up this morning and there really will be a burglar using his toilet.
Tom ‏@ttid82: Due to the new laws for web trolls, people making jokes about #OscarPistorius are likely to receive longer prison sentences than he did!
@RehemaMaria: #OscarPistorius Pistorius just gets 5? His lawyers must be selling like hot cake.
‏@pj_cxnt: “You shot your girlfriend and killed her? Life in prison!.. Oh wait you’re famous and rich?! Only 300 days.” #OscarPistorius
 ‏@InkedUpSHAQ: No girlfriend is ever gonna go to the toilet in the middle of the night again, ever!!! #OscarPistorius
 ‏@DC_F1: Wait, only 10 months in prison? He’ll be out before the next Belgian Grand Prix (*putting it in terms I understand) #O5car #oscarpistorius
@niallershairdye: These Oscar Pistorius jokes are getting old as fuck. We get it, you sneak up on him, he shoots you ha ha ha, smh

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