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3 reasons Dr. Sid never admitted sleeping with Tiwa Savage

The tale flying around that Dr. Sid (Sidney Esiri) and Tiwa Savage had more than a platonic relationship, that he admitted sleeping with her, is far from the truth. There is neither a video interview or press chat where the dentist trained at University of Ibadan (Oyo) made such a childish claim.

What’s more, there are three major reasons such assertion is far fetched…


  1. Gentlemen don’t kiss and tell

No person worthy of being addressed as a gentleman discloses his private tangos. And no one exposes the sex history of those who are married.

  1. Such a claim breaks homes and destroys friendship

The home of the tale bearer is also affected. Would a spouse trust a partner who blabs about his conquests? How will friends treat a snitch? He would be kept at arms length.

  1. It is childish

Everyone has a past, and listing previous liaisons is not only childish but silly.


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