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3 reasons Lekan Shonde, alleged killer of wife Ronke, will face murder charge

The death of Ronke Shonde on Friday, May 6, 2016, in their Egbeda-Idinmu, Lagos home, would have been labelled an accident if Lekan Shonde had done a few things following the discovery of her corpse. Those familiar with forensics and crime are blaming the father of two children for eloping if indeed he’s not guilty of the crime.
If the man, reportedly in the habit of beating his wife silly over accusations of adultery, had taken some steps, at most he would face a manslaughter charge. But eloping and later denying killing her has watered down his defence.

1. He admitted having an altercation with his wife over her four day trip to Abuja, and stated that her description of their love making provoked him –
This statement alone shows that there must have been some shoving and fisticuff. Since there are records of abuse, even by his admission that he beat her last three years ago.

2. Why didn’t he raise alarm after discovering the corpse –
That singular action has damaged the case of Lekan. If he had no hand in killing Ronke, why did he run? Moreover, what happened between the exchange of words and the next morning? Didn’t he check up on her all through the night? When he found her corpse why didn’t he call the neighbours? How did he know she was dead?

3. The signs of violence on her body, the injuries
If she truly died accidentally there would be no bruises and wounds. So, how did she sustain the injuries? From falling from the stairs? Did she trip? Didn’t Lekan hear the thud? Did he help her?

Lekan Shonde’s defence from published reports leaves many questions unaswered. And when he’s arrested it would be difficult for him to escape a charge of murder which he could have been plotting for a week!

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