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3 reasons Obasanjo wants Buhari to forget re-election in 2019

In a damning special press statement titled, The way out: a clarion call for coalition for Nigeria movement, former President Chief Olusegun Obasanjo called on President Muhammadu Buhari to forget seeking re-election in 2019.

The two-time leader of Nigeria (1976 – 1979 and 1999 – 2007) listed reasons the incumbent has failed Nigerians.
The second paragraph of the statement summed up the failure of Buhari’s government.
Obasanjo cried: “The lice of poor performance in government – poverty, insecurity, poor economic management, nepotism, gross dereliction of duty, condonation of misdeed – if not outright encouragement of it, lack of progress and hope for the future, lack of national cohesion and poor management of internal political dynamics and widening inequality – are very much with us today. With such lice of general and specific poor performance and crying poverty with us, our fingers will not be dry of ‘blood’.”
Apart from Buhari’s poor management of the economy, here are three reasons he listed as his ‘sins’:
1. Nepotic deployment bordering on clannishness and inability to bring discipline to bear on errant members of his nepotic court.
2. Poor understanding of the dynamics of internal politics
3. Passing the buck

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