’35 signs of troubled celebrity marriages’- Kayode Salako, actress Foluke Daramola’s husband


Kayode Salako, father of three children and husband of actress and activist, Foluke Daramola, has again listed signs of troubled celebrity marriages.

Here are 35 signs to look out for…

Facts File!


  1. She is married. She is under a man as a wife, yet she wants to be absolutely free mentally, physically and socially to continue to live or do it the way she likes.


  1. She is not rather submissive. She is troublesome, confrontational and daring.

‘If you dare touch me, you will rot in jail! Lagos State government will deal with you!’ That is the usual slogan she uses to harass her hubby.


  1. She is arrogant; stubborn; full of herself; petty and snubbish!


  1. She nags, yells and talks any how to her husband and people around her.


  1. She is insatiable, difficult to live with and complains a lot, especially around her husband.


  1. She is more ambitious and has a need far higher than her husband.


  1. She puts her husband under pressure of having to be looking for money everyday.


  1. She is more of a fashionista celebrity than being a real wife.


  1. She is of wild and ‘I don’t care orientation’, so she fights her husband often over trivial issues.


  1. She is not a good home maker; she is a lazy and bad cook and a woman, who cannot handle a home.


  1. Because of the level of her stardom, social exposure and influence, she tends to see her husband as a nobody or just a man she is living with.


  1. She is not calm and peaceful around the man, so she frustrates him always.


  1. She is more committed to her job or going to location than the survival, sanity and happiness of her marriage and man. So her marriage lacks proper attention.


  1. She wants to live as glamorously and as flamboyantly as her colleagues.


  1. She needs so many things everyday, and she needs them now!


  1. She is impatient, restless and of the fast lane orientation.


  1. If her husband cannot giver her, there are standby male ‘fans’ who can. She goes to them; gets it and brings it home to spite her husband.


  1. She is self centered and very oppressive. She oppresses her husband with her lifestyle.


  1. She is mental-centric, eccentric and character-centric most often time than not.


  1. She is money-centric, materialistic and too exposed for a wife material.


  1. She spends money anyhow and cannot manage her family’s resources.


  1. She is more conscious of her celebrity brand than her wifey personality.


  1. She is very difficult to work and associate with. She talks anyhow to people; fights them and changes PAs everyday.


  1. She is of a scattered and disorganised inclination, who does things anyhow.


  1. She cannot manage any other thing else properly apart from her make up kits.


  1. She is more sold out to public fanfare consciousness than her matrimonial consciousness.


  1. She doesn’t care how her husband feels. Once she is okay, everything is okay.


  1. She is uncontrollable, overbearing and domineering.


  1. She tends to live beyond her means or the means of what her marriage can offer. So, she lives under pressure on daily basis or becomes a chronic debtor.


  1. What is in her consciousness is to satisfy the public impression about her and not that of her husband and children.


  1. She believes there are better men than her husband, if eventually the marriage breaks.


  1. She is more outside with her male and female fans than being inside optimally with the needs and attention of her family.


  1. She is rude, mannerless and doesn’t listen to corrections or advice. She just wants it done her own way.


  1. She can hardly do anything right, and she will never, ever agree she is wrong or ever accepts she does anything wrong. So, she argues and slugs it out with her man every minute.


  1. To her, she is the best that can happen to any man and the most physically endowed woman ever. That is her usual and peculiar feeling!


  1. She is just in the marriage, because she just wants to be Mrs. Somebody.


  1. And above all, most times, her husband goes to bed hungry, angry, lonely, bored, oppressed, depressed, demeaned and frustrated.




An hungry and frustrated man, might not only be an angry man, but a serial wife panel beater

– Olukayode Salako.

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