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37 year-old father impregnates daughter, 12!

THIS is simply a sacrilege.  A randy and shameless 37 year-old man, Ben Phillip from Itam, Cross River State, recently impregnated Joy, his 12 year-old biological daughter.  Sadly, the man has been trying to justify his obnoxious and nauseating action.

According to him, he was seduced by Joy, who he claimed he had sex with only twice.  Explaining how it happened, the man began: “By the way, she is not 12 years, but 15.  The first time it happened, she was the one that came to me naked while I was on the bed.  I beat her and told her to go away, she came back and pushed herself on me and I am a man.”

Undone, the man added: “It is not also true that I have been having sex with her repeatedly. It could not be more than twice. Sometimes I used condom, sometimes I don’t.  And she was not a virgin when I met her for the first time.”

Speaking further, the man denied the allegation that Joy was always threatened anytime he wanted to have sex with her and she refused, claiming the immoral act gave both of them joy.  “It is not true that I threatened her whenever she resisted. The truth is that she had never resisted me.  She too enjoyed it.”

But contrary to Phillips’ account, Joy revealed that she had been having sex with her father under duress.  “I am 12 years plus.  The first time he did it with me, he came to the second room I was sharing with my twin brothers and said I should come and fan him.  He gave me something that contained alcohol and I slept off, after fanning him.  The second day, I was very weak when I woke up. I later knew that he did it with me while I was sleeping.  Since then, he has been having sex with me and I can’t count how many times we did it.  We did it many times.  Anytime he wanted to have sex with me, he forced me to drink something that contained alcohol.  He said he would kill me if I told anybody.”

Joy, a primary six pupil in a private school in Ikorodu (Lagos) faulted her father’s claim that she wasn’t a virgin the first time he slept her.

“It was a lie.  He was the only man that was having sex with me.  Apart from Papa, nobody had slept with me.”  Narrating how the matter became a public issue, the dehumanized girl said: “It was our neighbours that noticed that I was pregnant and later confronted me. I didn’t know who to tell.  I don’t even know my mummy.”

Lampooning the indecent act, Lagos Police Public Relations Officer, Superintendent of Police, Frank Mba described it as horrifying and reprehensible.  He spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Sunday, June 13, 2010, adding that Mr. Phillips will be charged with defilement.  Mba also said the police became aware of the matter when one of Phillips’ neighbours lodged a complaint at Ipakodo Police Station on June 8, 2010.  According to the PPRO, one of Joy’s school teachers also detected that she was pregnant.  “The teacher told Joy’s father about her discovery, but Mr. Ben said it wasn’t true.  However, the neighbour and the teacher confronted the girl, who confessed that her father had been having sex with her and she was pregnant for him.

When the case was reported to the police, we took her to Ikorodu General Hospital and the pregnancy test was positive.”

Asked to shed light on the girl’s condition at the moment, the amiable police officer said, “We have found out from our investigations that Joy was under constant threat by her father not to reveal what had been going on between them.  Now, we must not be concerned about charging Phillip to court alone, but to rehabilitate the girl.  That is why we need to liaise with members of the civil society as well as appropriate government departments in Lagos State so that the girl could be provided with an alternative accommodation.  Obviously, she has been defiled by her father.  And no doubt, she is undergoing a sort of psychological trauma, she is emotionally disturbed at the moment.  Therefore, we must be concerned about her welfare at the moment,” he concluded.

We spoke to some legal practitioners on the matter and all of them told us that there’s no way the man won’t go to jail.  Besides having two serious offences (incest and defilement) to contend with, one of them drew our attention to the fact that in law, defilement is even worse than rape.  “So, the jail term will be from three years and above.”

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, June 15, 2010




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