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4 fresh conspiracy theories on Buhari’s picture 

The only photograph of ailing President Muhammadu Buhari – released on Sunday, July 23, 2017, where he was seated at a table in Abuja House, London (the United Kingdom) with chieftains of All Progressives Congress – has sparked fresh conspiracy theories.Doubters have labelled the picture ‘unreal’ because it hardly shows much.

Here are the fresh conspiracy theories being woven around the picture as compiled by
1. Why was it only one picture?

Usually when the President hosts anyone, there are many images released. This picture was not only from a bad angle, only a few of the chieftains could be identified. 
2. Why was their no video?

Why was the event not captured on video to debunk all the tales the absence of the President for 78 days generated?
3.Why was his image partly shielded?

The image of the President was partly shielded fueling speculation that something is being hidden.


4. Why wasn’t he eating?

Some of the chieftains were eating, but the President was smiling. We could not see his plate.

 – Agbolade Owolabi 

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