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4 questions the Presidency should answer over Buhari’s London trip

As fake news of President Muhammadu Buhari spread across the world, many questions avoided by his media team further fueled the speculations.

The suddeness of the trip, for one, and its timing, took the nation by surprise. As many joked over a country’s chief executive officer going on holiday at the start of the year, with  recession biting harder with far reaching implications, it was difficult to understand the logic of it.
The only information provided was that our leader will be away till February 6 in the United Kingdom. And he will also undertake a routine medical check up.
More information that would have discouraged rumour peddlers were withheld. This lack of details allowed mischief makers to cook up all sorts of lies.
Now, these are the questions that need answers from the media team of the President to calm nerves and the polity as compiled by
1. Where exactly is the President holidaying in London?  What are some of things he has done since arriving there on Friday, January 20?
There should be pictures…
2. Has he undertaken the routine medical check up? Who attended to him, what was the nature of the check up? Do we have reasons to be apprehensive?
3. Was he ever hospitalised? If yes, where? For how long?
4. Does the President have any life threatening ailment? Not regular geriatric issues…

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