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4 signs that Eazi and Temi Otedola’s romance is very strong 

When the friendship of Mr. Eazi (Oluwatosin Oluwole AJIBADE) and Temi Otedola metamorphosed into a serious liaison, we were all shocked and pleasantly surprised. As the musician and fashion blogger began dominating each other’s Snaps, many suspected a relationship.

And as soon as the 26 year old singer and his undergraduate partner, who’s 21, visited Barcelona FC stadium earlier in the year, suspicion mounted.

With the attendance of the duo and her mother and sister at the wedding of the son of billionaire Folorunsho Alakija, the veil was lifted.
Here are 4 signs that proclaimed the romance of Mr. Eazi and Temi Otedola as very strong as compiled by encomium.ng:
1. The public display at the wedding of Folarin Alakija and Nazanin Jafarian Ghaissarifa in the United Kingdom on June 10.

Several pictures of the lovers with suggestive captions were posted as the wedding got underway. 

Some of the pictures showed Mr. Eazi’s shoes before they were worn, Temi touching his knees in the car, and several playful, romantic images. 

2. Pictures with belle’s mother at the wedding. 

Mr. Eazi must have been introduced to the Otedolas, as he confidently posed for pictures with Mrs. Nana Otedola at the wedding.

And also, the presence of his belle’s older sister at the wedding show some intimacy. DJ Cuppy was possibly snapping some of the pictures which were uploaded on social media . 

3. Birthday’s sky-written message on July 19 set apart the union.

The 26th birthday celebrations on Wednesday, July 19, was a huge statement by Temi. She hired a small aircraft to fly a banner of birthday wishes – and the Internet was agog with excitement. 

There is no better sign of a solid relationship the partners are comfortable with than that kind of public display.

4. Vacation together in Miami. 

Both are vacationing together in the United States of America. 

And pictures of their room, her birthday decorations and their frolicking are proofs enough.

– Agbolade Owolabi for encomium.ng 



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