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4 snipers kill 5 policemen as protests over murder of black men rage

In a Black Lives Matter  protests following the death of two African Americans, Alton Sterling (37) and Philando Castile (32), both shot by white police officers, violence broke out in downtown Dallas, USA, on Thursday, July 7, 2016, where 11 police officers were shot – killing at least five by four gunmen.

The gunmen opened fire in a ‘sniper style’ move on police officers in a coordinated attack that saw people scamper for their lives.

Three gunmen are in custody. The fourth man allegedly killed himself with a shot in the head.

According to the Dallas police chief, David Brown, the fourth suspect told officers they have bombs planted across Dallas and that the end is coming before he took his life.

A man named Mark Hughes was who was caught on tape walking around with an assault rifle was declared wanted as one of the suspects. He turned himself in and has been released after a 30 minutes interrogation with Dallas police officers.

In a viral video posted on social media, a heroic policeman was seen trying to shoot one of the gunmen. The officer, hiding behind a pillar was shot several times by the gunman.

Officers injured are Omar Canon (44) Misty McBride (32) and Jesus Retana (39).

The rest killed and injured are yet to be identified, while investigation is still on-going.




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