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4 unresolved puzzles in Dr. Allwell Orji’s suicide

There are a few unanswered questions as it has now been resolved that 35 year Dr. Allwell Orji apparently took his own life on Sunday, March 19, when he jumped to his death from the Third Mainland Bridge (Lagos).Many accounts have painted his last days, but many puzzles are yet to be assembled in the tragedy. 
Here are some unresolved angles in the sad tale as the body, recovered at around 4:30 pm on Wednesday, March 22, has been identified:
1. Where was Dr. Orji coming from that afternoon, a where was he headed. 

Reports claimed he was coming from church and heading to a meeting in Victoria Island by Medical and Dental Council. 

These facts have not been established. 
2. Did he actually receive a call? Who called him? What was the message?

So, we would need intervention of the Police to check call logs, and fish out who called him. And the news that made him order his driver to stop abruptly. 
3. Who stops in the middle of Third Mainland Bridge to urinate? 

This information is suspect. 

And the driver must tell us what exactly his boss said that made him stop on the bridge. 
4. Could the driver have run after him to prevent the suicide ? Should he have raised an alarm? 



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