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4 ways to improve your social media networking

Over time, social media has proved to be a strong effective networking and marketing channel. The cyber media landscape nonetheless is constantly changing and with the change comes the need to engage in online networking.

Social media networking is not a ‘set it and forget it’ endeavor, it requires daily effort and involvement. With the wave of change, strategies quickly get obsolete and there is need to test and trying new ones in a bid to engender improvement. To help you with this, Jovago.com, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking portal has put together 4 ways to improve your social media networking skills.

Employ Visuals

There is a need to employ visuals and maximize the impact of these visuals. While text and links are important parts of communicating online as they give context and drive traffic, they cannot stand alone.

Their impact can be boosted with added visual content, including illustrations, photos and videos. Sites like Tumblr and Exposure both focus on images which allow you impact an audience while telling your story very simply and quickly.

Offer Additional Value

Your customers, audience and users are mostly always looking to get extra benefits and value. A quick way to get your customers to trust your business and keep it on their minds while you meet their needs is by offering added value.

For Instance, you could offer free downloadable e-books or videos, give free consultations, issue free webinars, or give discounts. These actions validate the benefits of your products and services while giving customers immediate assistance with what they have already indicated interest in.

Foster Content Sharing

No matter how populated your social media department is, do not restrict content development to the unit, explore other options while figuring out ways to synchronize the efforts of other departments with your marketing strategy online.

For instance, customer service can share success stories or ways they meet customers’ needs; Product development can give you updates on new releases; and Sales can fill you in on what is trending per season. Explore as much resources as possible. It will not only make your job easier, it will equip you with better information for your users or audience.

Create Buzz with Infographics

Infographics are a strong and authentic mode of presenting information clearly and concisely. People generally prefer, trust and rely on infographics when considering or analyzing a product or company.

Whether you create one yourself or hire a graphic designer, endeavor to include your company’s name and URL, so that your work is credited to your business on the socialsphere.


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