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$43 million controversial Ikoyi money

– Nigerians demand thorough investigation

The $43 million found in a flat in Ikoyi by men of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) is still on the lips of many Nigerians, home and abroad. And since ambiguity, controversy and all still be cloud the ownership of the cash, many have opined that the orphaned money should be diverted to a capital project or be ploughed back into the economy while thorough investigation as regards the true owner of the whooping sum be carried out by the EFCC.


‘The money should be put on capital projects’ – OBI UZOR

“It’s so alarming that such a huge amount could be buried in a house when a lot of Nigerians are dying of hunger. I think the EFCC should be applauded for that effort. But now that there’s controversy on the ownership of the money, I think the Federal Government should seize it and invest it on a capital project that will benefit the poor masses. I will suggest it should be diverted to power sector. If the government can put it on the sector, there will be relatively stable supply in electricity. And if that’s achieved, this administration has won the hearts of the people because electricity is the most important issue for Nigeria to function well economically.”


‘It should be thoroughly investigated’ – STEVEN ODIGIE

“I was shocked when I heard of the money buried in a flat in Ikoyi. I keep wondering why some people are so wicked to that extent when a lot of people are dying of hunger, they have millions of dollars buried somewhere. Those involved should be thoroughly investigated and brought to book. I think the whistle blower method is really working.


‘The money belongs to all of us’ – GIDEON TOBECHUKWU

“I think some people are crazy. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it on the television. That kind of money that has no owner belongs to all Nigerians. After all, the money was stolen from government treasury. So, it belongs to us all and should be spent on something that will benefit all Nigerians.”


‘The money belongs to the government’ – SALISU IBRAHIM

“The money is illegal, that’s why nobody is claiming it. To me, it belongs to the government. Also, there should be thorough investigation concerning the owner of the money. And whoever is later found to be the owner should be probed for defrauding Nigeria. But now, the government should seize the money.”




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