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5 biggest must-haves that should be on your ‘Detty December’ wish list

Detty December, also known as the season with the ‘littest’ parties, concerts and shows, is fast approaching. We know you’d rather be naughty than nice. With the year you’ve had, it is only fair that you end it on a high note. Don’t worry, we are not judging.

In fact, we are here to help. To make your shopping easier and prepare you for the Detty-December of your dreams, we curated a list of must-have items you’ll need.

1. The Perfect Outfit

For the ladies, now is the time to start shopping for ‘the dress’. You know, the one that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

For the guys, to let them know that you have arrived and are not to be slept on this season you’ll need that nice fitted casual shirt over a well-tailored pair of pants. If you have the legs to work the trendy ‘Men’s shorts, please by all means, go for it.

2. Memorable Scent

With the number of shows you intend to hit this December, it is only right that you wash away the stench of your everyday hustle and bustle lifestyle. To do that, you need the perfect scent.

Some luxury oud perfume or budget-friendly perfume that’ll keep your presence in a room long after you’re gone, is just what you need.  Besides, studies show that the right scent can increase your chances of attracting a date.

3. Simple Accessories

In this case, it is important not to go over the top with your accessories. Unless you don’t mind some pickpocket carting away with your expensive Rolex at a crowded party. Add a nice watch or bracelet to your shopping list to spice up your look.

For the ladies, now is probably the time to invest in some sexy ankle bracelets and waist beads. It is Detty December after all.

4. Hygiene Products

Now you’ve got the perfect outfit and the right accessories, but for the love of baby Jesus please get some deodorant.

If you plan to hit the clubs and party all season, make sure people will be able to breathe around you

Before you think about stepping out, you need to make sure your body is in its most refreshed and well-groomed state. That means antiperspirants, shaving clippers and lotions are a must-have. Considering how dry the weather will be, it is important to keep your beard oiled and trimmed and your body moisturized.

5. New/Upgraded Gadgets

What is Detty December without the right device to capture it? The perfect ‘group-fie’ will not take itself. To stay connected and pepper your haters and fans alike, you may need to upgrade your phone to the latest version—one that promises clearer camera qualities and smarter functions. Besides how else do you intend to document your perfect outfit and adventurous night-outs for all to see and envy?

To some, this might look like an unnecessary buy, but you’ve been grinding all year, it’s time to treat yourself. You have our permission.

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