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5 hottest actors on their good fortunes – Babatunde Owoniran

Babatunde Owokoniran is one of the faces that sell movies in the Yoruba genre. Babatunde, aka Tilapia, is known for his dexterity in interpreting roles. He joined the movie industry in 2008, through his boss, Odunlade Adekola…


How would you describe 2015 career wise?

First, I would like to give Allah all the praise, because this year has been remarkably wonderful, I have done things I could only imagine at the beginning of the year. For example, I told myself I want to feature in more English films and to my surprise, the first three scripts I got for the year were all English. I produced my forth movie (Irawo Osan) this year, I have been able to travel more, meet people and worked with professionals in the industry. Through my travels across states I’ve been able to learn the cultural values of different peoples and I have a clearer understanding of the Nigerian system as a film maker and a motivational speaker.

Apart from being an actor, I also find time to motivate youths wherever I go. I try to motivate them to reconstruct there negative thinking and attitude towards life. I try to make them understand each individual is important to the growth of its environment and the her country, I explained we all have a part to play in the development of Nigeria irrespective of age, language or religion. I was born and brought up in Lagos, Mushin precisely. I have been able to positively inform youths in my area that we all can be successful irrespective of where we live, I established an online campaign tagged Omo mushin toh ni future, I try to use this campaign to preach to youths to rediscover there lost appetite for education, vocational skills and shun hooliganism, cultism and violence.

This year, I was privileged to be invited by some NGOs to speak to youths across the country. I have been able to improve as a person and most important share knowledge.

How many movies have you featured in this year, can you mention some?

Let me just say the number I featured in this year has risen compared to last year. I can’t give a specific number but will mention a few, Alani Pamolekun, July First, Erin Oni, Cassanova, Etan, I have also fully ventured into managing production and I’ve been able to manage some films over the year.

What will you attribute the secret of your success to?

Everything I have done has been through Allah. He sent me through the way of my angelic brother mentor and boss (Odunlade Adekola) who nurtured me through the industry with constant and relentless support in every step I take. The first lecture he gave me was trust God, be ready to work hard, be patient, be vigilant so as to learn in all situations positive or negative and most important, pray a lot. This lecture I kept repeating over and over with the voice of my late mom still echoing in my consciousness saying there is no shortcut to success, Tunde you have to work hard.


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