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5 hottest actors on their good fortunes – Deyemi Okanlawon

-Deyemi Okanlawon, IK Ogbonna, Babajide Awobona, Alex Ekubo, Babatunde Owoniran

Like the proverbial saying that a gold fish has no where to hide, some screen kings have honed their skills so much that they have become highly sought after in Nollywood with blockbuster, box office record breaking and big budget flicks to their credit this 2015, these actors have been elevated to a special class in the industry.

ENCOMIUM Weekly’s AJOKE ONITOLO profiles the most sought after actors of 2015. They also explained the reason for their success…



Adeyemi Okanlawon is an actor, model and entrepreneur. He came to spotlight when he featured in web series Gidi Up and Ebony Life’s Dowry. Deyemi is one of the brightest talents in the industry that are rubbing shoulders with the best.

The Chemical Engineering graduate is one of the most sought after actors in the movie industry both in Nollywood and Ghollywood. 


How would you describe 2015 career wise?

Career-wise 2015 has been a great year. I have had the opportunity to work on more projects that have fantastic production quality with really amazing actors across Nollywood, Ghallywood and the British film industry. The year has been a major renaissance of the Nigerian film industry with the introduction of new directing and acting talent, while even our veterans have upped their game. Increased government investment, such as the BOI Nollywood Fund, as well has private interest, advancement in camera and editing technology has given the much needed boost to the industry. We still have a long way to go but there is so much hope and positivity that we’re on the right track.

What will you attribute the secret of your success to?

The grace of God, of course! I constantly ask Him for wisdom to make the right choices and strength for the hard work that comes with it. More so, I believe I was prepared and led into the film industry for a purpose and in two years it has become clearer what this purpose is – select the best stories and work with the best producers, directors and actors to give my audience the most entertaining film experience as well as use my experience in sales, marketing and e-commerce to help promote films in cinemas and other platforms.

What should your fans expect in 2016?

My prayer is that in 2016, I get to do work that shows my growth as an actor and my involvement both in front and behind the screen, in bigger and better productions. Some pretty amazing projects are already lined up but apart from the possibility of a third season of GTBank-Ndani TVs Gidi Up I’m not at liberty to say much more about the others. I’m certainly looking forward to the new year and for those who follow me on social media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc) I promise to keep you updated.

How many movies have you featured in this year, can you mention some?

I really try not to keep tab on the number of films I’ve featured in, I’m more interested in the satisfaction I get from doing good work people would appreciate. Having said that, I was in some pretty interesting movies shot in Nigeria, Ghana and London including Greg Odutayo’s Beyond Blood with Joseph Benjamin and Kehinde Bankole, Pascal Amanfo’s

If Tomorrow Never Comes with Yvonne Nelson and Becca and Ishaya Bako’s Road To Yesterday with Genevieve Nnaji, Majid Michel and Oris Erhuero. For TV it was season 2 of Victor Sanchez’ Dowry, Tolu Ajayi’s Paradise Way and Nicole Amateifo’s An African City. I also wrote (screenplay by Tunde Apalowo) and acted in an Africa Magic Original Film entitled The Baker’s Daughter directed by Yemi “Filmboy” Morafa and did a stage play directed by Najite Dede called Colour Me Man.

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