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5 mistakes lady whose proposal was declined made

The lady whose public proposal at Ikeja City Mall (in Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos) was declined by her boyfriend made many mistakes.

The embarrassment and public outcry would have been avoided if she did her homework well.

Here are 5 mistakes the damsel made as compiled by


  1. She chose a public spot

Why choose a very public spot like the City Mall when the proposal could go wrong?

That’s a major error as it’s clear that the scene would be recorded and posted by witnesses.

Is your man that extroverted not to mind such public spectacle that will be eventually broadcast to millions on social media?

That’s an unforgivable error as it shows clearly that it’s more a show of ego than love.

Proposals should usually be private. It’s the relay of what happened that can now be told by the couple.


  1. She didn’t study her man well

Did she ever ask herself what kind of man would accept a proposal from a lady? Not many Nigerian men.

She exhibited lack of knowledge and understanding of a man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

Her rejection showed that their love was weak and not flying off the ground.


  1. She possibly doesn’t know his family

Her spectacle further exposed her as not knowing her boyfriend’s family well enough.

Events like this are plotted with a man’s close family members who give him support and urge him on to accept.

Only one friend was visible in the video. And she was reluctant to approach the boyfriend.


  1. It’s still culturally unacceptable

Do African women ask for a man’s hand in marriage?

Does a serious woman propose to a man?

Who heads a family where the woman proposed marriage?

Proposing to a man is not in our culture. It’s strange and unappealing.


  1. She’s not his Miss Right

What has she done to be so publicly ridiculed? What don’t we know about their romance?

What’s clear is that she’s definitely not his Miss Right…



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