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5 reasons Stephanie Otobo should be prosecuted for blackmailing Apostle Suleman

Twenty-four-year-old Stephanie Otobo, a Canada based actress who accused Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide of having sex with her across the world, terminating her pregnancy by dubious means and engaging in kinky sex, threesomes and fellatio which improved his “speaking in tongues” skill should be prosecuted in spite of her confession of blackmail.

The young lady who sought forgiveness in a video posted on Friday, January 26, 2018, where she knelt before the pastor’s wife admitted being misled by a powerful politician and some pastors to discredit Apostle Suleman.

She claimed she was desperate for fame.

But in spite of her confession, many are calling for her prosecution on many grounds.

Here are some reasons advanced for bringing the musician to book as compiled by


  1. No one should be above the law in a decent society in spite of private arrangements.

Since extortion and blackmail are criminal offences, the Police should use her open confession to prosecute her.

What’s more, there are subsisting court cases against Stephanie Otobo which should be logically pursued.

Rule of law is king!


  1. Her prosecution will discourage those who take cheap shots at celebrities and those in authority for quick gains.

If every serious crime is forgiven on account of confession and begging, lawlessness will multiply.

Anyone who participates in a crime should face the music.


  1. The scandal which erupted in March 2017 was time waster which depleted useful manhours on frivolity.

On social media and across the country, the scandal was discussed and analysed.

Millions wasted time that should be used to improve themselves and the country on a scandal Stephanie Otobo now acknowledged was invented!


  1. It damaged the reputation of Apostle Suleman, his wife and church.

The size of his penis was described, claims that even the picture of his average-sized manhood would be exposed was mentioned.

He was described as a sex fiend who enjoyed threesomes, paid N400,000 per round for romps, enjoyed fellatio which makes him speak better in tongues.

Apostle Johnson Suleman’s wife was painted as frigid, with her husband no longer finding enjoyment in her bosom.

Many people were dragged in, and two actresses were listed as mistresses of the pastor as they benefited cars and houses from church funds.


  1. It tainted Nigeria’s version of Pentecostal churches as morally bankrupt and tested the faith of millions.

Those quick to criticise our pastors were armed with evidence from Stephanie Otobo to abuse them.

Many people lost faith and hope in churches.



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