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5 reasons Zahra Buhari’s wedding shouldn’t have been shifted to December 16

The postponement of the wedding of Zahra, the 21 year old daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari, to Ahmed Indimi, son of Borno-born billionaire oil magnate (Mohammed Indimi) by two weeks has  been labelled unnecessary by insiders.

The shift by all of two weeks to Friday, December 16, led to widespread speculations capable of truncating the nuptials. From the suspected to the absurd, tales of why the president insisted on a postponement flew afield.

With the announcement of wife of the president, Hajia Aisha Buhari, some of the speculations apparently have no basis.

She announced:

H.E Haj Aisha M Buhari cordially invites you to the wedding Fatiha of her daughter Zahra Buhari and Ahmed Indimi which will take place on December 16th while the Kamu will take place in Abuja. Details of the events will be communicated to you.” 

But before this announcement, many had already concluded that the wedding was off. assembles some of the damages the shift promoted :


  1. Portrayed the president as being unsupportive of the wedlock.

The sudden announcement that the wedding was postponed painted a picture of a hurriedly contrived union the president had to call off on second thought.

Because, before families agree on dates, many things would have been thoroughly considered. And postponement shows something serious cropped up.


  1. Many came into the fray to paint the Indimis as always associating with those in power.

They cited their unions with Generals Sani Abacha’s and Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida’s sons.

They painted a picture of a dynasty only interested in being around those who wield enormous power and influence.

The sudden shift perpetrated the insinuations.


  1. It showcased Zahra as being too young to marry.

Tales of being too educated to be a young bride hovered every where as many wondered how an exposed and enlightened beautiful lady who studied  in the United Kingdom was in a hurry to settle down.

They diverted attention to the possibility that the wedlock was arranged. That Zahra and Ahmed didn’t court or dated properly .


  1. The postponement diverted attention to the 30 Louis Viutton bags reportedly valued at N47 million.

The ostentation of the bridal gifts rubbished the current austere and simple persona of the president. It portrayed the family as pretentious.

Especially as many frowned at the lavishness in this recession.


  1. It highlighted the disunity between the families. 

The postponement showed the families were not on the same page, especially since the reasons adduced could have been resolved at meetings.

One party purportedly shifting a wedding date is inappropriate.


And since the Presidency and those concerned allowed the rumours to fly unhindered, many of the fabulous tales became more believable.


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