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5 Things we are looking forward to at The MTV Shuga Naija auditions

It’s time for the audition your friends will never tell you about, but will all attend! Because no one wants to give up their shot at stardom, obviously. MTV Shuga Naija is making its highly anticipated return in 2019 for season 4, and the details for the casting call have emerged. The auditions, which will be taking place at the Classique Events Centre in Ikeja, Lagos on April 4th are always a carnival of sorts; a life changing experience for the attendees, that will as usual unearth another generation of stars.

Here are five things we look forward to seeing at the MTV Shuga Naija auditions, including the latest fast-track option that puts you at the front of the queue.

1. Extraordinary Personalities – One staple of every audition is definitely the sure-fire meeting of colourful characters. While every applicant has a unique way about them, there will always be a handful of personalities whose actions and inactions, whose wisecracks and utter sass linger a bit longer in our minds, hearts – and social media threads.

2. Eccentric Fashion Choices – The whole point of auditioning is to make an impression, which is why it comes as no surprise that applicants go big or go home when it comes to their sartorial selections. From dramatic monochrome pieces to colourful eye popping garments, we can’t wait to see the varying looks and pieces, and…copycats. Best believe that the MTV Shuga Naija auditions will be a literal runway, and we are here for the front-row, Anna Wintour glasses in tow.

3. Catchy Hair Statements – While some will focus on dressing to kill, others will make like Rapunzel, and let their hair down so that it can do all the talking, and auditioning for them. We expect to see laid edges, dyed spiky twists, dramatic hair colours, mermaid length hair, funky wigs and of course, buzz undercuts. There’ll be a lot of double takes and we will be ready to capture it for the ‘Gram.

4. Friendship Goals – MTV Shuga Naija auditions remind us of the dancehall chorus; it’s a family affair. It is not uncommon for friends or relatives to audition for shows together, and having a familiar face to talk to before you have to go in and blow the casting director’s mind away will always be a way to break the ice and loosen up. Too much moral support never hurt anybody; remember, the family that auditions together, makes memories together.

5. The Next Shuga Star – Undeniably, some folks are going to leave the auditions, and see their lives change over the next few days, starting a new phase as iconic TV superstars. We’re talking about the type of glow-up fit that makes old friends suddenly start scrolling through their phones for your number. Go figure!



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