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5 Types Of People We Saw At MTV Shuga Naija Auditions

The Fourth Season of MTV Shuga is on its way and the journey kicked off on Thursday April 4 with crowds of talent who stormed the open call auditions at Classique Event Centre, Oregun Ikeja! Many auditionees got an opportunity at stardom by showcasing their skills for the award winning Pan-African drama series from the MTV Staying Alive Foundation. Ahead of the series to be produced by award-winning director Tope Oshin, the auditions featured an online fast-track application route as people from within and outside Lagos came to shoot their (artistic) shots.Here are five types of people who showed up:
The Professional Auditionees – They stood out, mainly because they made no secret of their pride at never giving up. From the way they seemed to already know where to be, to all the (un)solicited industry gist they shared as they waited their turn, you can’t hate on that can-do attitude! A big shout out to all the professional auditionees who came to show up and show out because this time might be the time – fingers crossed!
The Class Clowns – No matter how tense the situation is, there will always be one or two people quick with a joke to ease everyone else. We are grateful for all the class clowns who provided some comic relief while the others were breaking a sweat; you are the real MVPs.
The First Class Students – These are the auditionees who were fully prepared, and did not care who knew it – they studied ten different monologues and kept repeating the words to themselves. They didn’t say hi to anyone and only talked to the ushers when necessary. We hope that all that cramming paid off in the end, and appreciate your effort; after all, MTV Shuga is a lifetime opportunity.
The First Time Auditionees – Obviously nervous, the first-timers ask questions about everything. They are always trying to enter every conversation so they can get insider information and they think everyone is their friend. Since Shuga is known to make a name for green actors, we hope to see them on our screens later this year, more confident, less shy, and definitely glowed up!
The Ones Who Came To Slay – There are some who do not care what the rule book says; they came to have a good time, and look the business while at it. We stan the many fabulously dressed men and women at the auditions who came to slay and turned the venue into their catwalk. Whether it was with their Afropop swag, ‘fasual’ (formal plus casual) aesthetic or with their street style, a lot of people left no one in doubt as to why Shuga season 4 berthed in Lagos this year – it’s where talent meets fashion, culture and style. In the words of one auditionee: “the category is…SHUGA SLAY!” and we were here for it.



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