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5 undeniable reasons Jonathan should face corruption charges

Rape of our commonwealth, pillage of our resources and grand theft of the treasury characterized the five year reign of former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. The tormenting era saw corruption elevated to an acceptable way of life. Living large and stealing from government coffers became the norm. Not in recent history have public officers become that daring and brazen.

The number of those on trial for mind boggling misappropriation and misapplication of funds, from respected institutions such as banks, the military, the clergy and less sane organizations, are as torturing as they make us inconsolable.

It was an era of anything goes! A period that we should quickly forget and banish to bygone episodes that should never reoccur.

Everyday since that plague was voted out, stories of monies stolen shock even the international community who have records of thieves and thugs across the world (since the loot are kept in these countries).

Like Jonathan himself gloated, there were more private jets owned by Nigerians under his leadership than at anytime. Private jets owned by people without visible means of livelihood!

And now that the tale of the former president going on exile in Côte d’Ivoire rent public space, legions believe that it is just a matter of time that he will face corruption charges in court.

Here are 5 undeniable reasons Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan should face corruption charges as compiled by encomium.n :


  1. The figures being bandied about and listed in charges against those standing trial send us trembling

Billions of dollars and trillions of Naira are the figures those who allegedly stole under Jonathan are being tried for. From Dasukigate to Diezanipillage, NNPC missing funds to bank deals, NIMASA theft to campaign funds disappearance, we are all still in shock. How can this level of rape of the treasury happen in five years?


  1. His name has already been mentioned that he was aware of some of the deals

Dr. Doyin Okupe, an aide of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan has already listed the former president as being aware of the money given by Sambo Dasuka, the National Security adviser under him, to Olisa Metuh. And soon, more of those standing trial will sing.


  1. The buck stopped at his table

A leader cannot escape responsibility. He takes credit and blame for achievement and failure. The buck stopped at his table. So, he cannot blame subordinates. If he’s unaware of all the stealing going on under his nose, he’s liable for criminal negligence. No excuses.


  1. He allowed aides and appointees to run riot

There were too many powerful people in Jonathan’s government. Untouchables who did whatever pleased them, took decisions that are haunting on his behalf. They ran a disgraceful oligarchy that will shame Russians. Even outsiders close to the corridors of power were too deep in what went on.


  1. He arrested our development, impoverished Nigerians

The singular repercussions of the theft under his nose made us a pariah nation, despised by serious people and got to a level that arms had to be bought with cash. Where on earth is business conducted in such crude manner? Standard of living cascaded, hope perished, Nigerians were impoverished because money for development was stolen brazenly.


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