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5 updates about Adedayo Adebowale’s expulsion from Redeemer’s University

The last has not been heard about Adedayo Adebowale Babatunde, the Redeemer’s University student who was expelled as a result of his social media post which has somehow portrayed the institution and its officials in a bad light. 

 Here are five updates about the controversial case between him and the University.

1) The parents of Debo Adedayo, a final year student of Redeemer’s University expelled for his post on social media, has threatened to institute legal action against the University for wrongful termination of their son’s studentship.


2) Adedayo made this known in series of post on his Facebook page on Friday. He also explained that contrary to the reason given for his expulsion, he has never ridiculed Redeemer’s University in any way;

either in his actions or posts on social media.


3) According to the expulsion letter, Adedayo was accused of “posting certain messages on some social media platforms which are offensive and portrayed the Redeemer’s University and some of its officials in a bad light.”


4) “The above named is unbecoming a product of the University where degrees are awarded based on character and learning. By the rules and regulations guiding students conduct in the Redeemer’s University, the act constitutes serious misconduct which is punishable by expulsion,” the letter stated.


5) The Redeemed Christian Church of God owned university, however, recommended “Recovery of Destiny (ROD)” programme for the expelled student if he is remorseful and repentant.



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