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5 ways to make a lasting impression

Trying to make a good first impression every time you meet someone new? There is a formula to that!

According to love expert, Kathryn Alice, who is also the author of bestselling novel, Love Will Find You, there are simple formula one could follow to achieve that.

“Many people – even the outgoing – get intimidated when they see someone they really fancy. But connecting with someone you find ultra attractive is easier than you think. It’s not rocket science. And it doesn’t take memorising lines or playing ridiculous games,” Kathryn explains.

Here they are:

  1. Self confidence – The mannerism of your approach is important. Being nervous is natural, but don’t allow it overwhelm you.
  2. Connection – Make eye contact and smile while you approach that person.
  3. Compliment that person, avoid trying to impress and avoid desperation.
  4. Keep chatting and asking questions. Laugh and find reasons to like them.
  5. Interact more with each other socially and physically, connect on Facebook and instagram. Call each other often.


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