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55th Independence Anniversary: ‘It’s a new dawn, let’s celebrate’ – Nigerians chorus

On Thursday, October 1, 2015, Nigeria will be celebrating 55th anniversary of its independence from the colonial masters. And as usual, activities are already lined up in that respect. A cross section of Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their opinions on this agreed Nigeria at 55 is worth celebrating, in spite of our challenges…



Nigeria at 55 is like a man who has just woken up to the slumber of wasting his own life. He just suddenly realised on March 28 when a new presidential election was held that he had been lagging behind in almost everything.

Nigeria was in the hand of a leadership that was stunting her growth and killing it. Nigeria was in the hands of the enemies of his own development, especially the immediate past government of PDP. Nigeria at 55 has just decided to start getting it right by voting in the right leadership more in Muhammadu Buhari.

So, if Nigeria must celebrate anything on October 1, it must be the fact that Nigerians have taken their country away from the hands of political gangsters and economic devourers and have now given it to Nigerians of the right and responsible leadership.

What I am going to be celebrating about Nigeria more is the reality that change has come to Nigeria. Nigeria is now in the hand of responsible and disciplined leadership. Nigeria is now on the path of honour, greatness and development. So, Nigeria at 55 is worth celebrating. Because it is now in the hands of a reality that will secure it; grow it and project it for greatness.

I am celebrating the fact that there is light in Nigeria – the light of truth, justice, fairness and what is right and ideal in the leadership and governance of Nigeria. This reality is worth celebrating!



It’s every year thing and I don’t see any reason that  this year should be an exception. The only thing the government should guide against is spending our limited revenue on trivial issues during the celebration. And thank God, President Muhammadu Buhari himself has said there is nothing like jamboree this year.

He had only approved N70 million unlike the previous administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan when Nigeria used to spend billions on independence celebration.



Yes, Nigeria at 55 is worth celebrating. The fact that for the first time we have a leader that the masses actually voted for is overwhelming. Thanks for Jonathan for giving us that privilege. Another thing worth celebrating is the very fact that change is finally coming to our country. I am proud again to be Nigerian.



Yes, Nigeria is worth celebrating at 55.  I believe that there is hope for our country. We can get to where we want to be. It’s just a matter of time.



If we look at the situation of the country critically, we will conclude that it’s not worth it celebrating any independence anniversary at all. But on the other hand, I believe in every situation, we must appreciate the fact that we’re still alive.

No matter what, God has counted us inclusive among those whose lives were spared to witness another independence day. So, if we celebrate it, there is nothing wrong in that. We only need to make use of the occasion to address the issues that can drive the nation forward.



Yes, Nigeria is worth celebrating. At least, for a new beginning, for this anticipated Change , for a successful change of power without war. Above all, for the gift of life .Life is worth celebrating.



Nigeria at 55 is worth celebrating. We have attained a new age. A new government which will hopefully bring us hope for a better tomorrow. Plus we need to always be positive for a better tomorrow. And celebrating is one way to show it.



Whether or not we like it, Nigeria is worth celebrating at 55. If we look back, I think we will have a reason or reasons to be grateful to God. Those of us who are still alive and sound health wise must surely be grateful to God to see Nigeria clocking 55.

Although, economically and politically, we’re not there yet, that does not mean we shouldn’t be happy. And with the new government, I believe we’re on our way to the top.



Yes, it is worth celebrating Nigeria at 55.  Electricity is constant. The country is taking a new shape. Corruption has drastically reduced and we can all see it and above all, there is peace in our country despite the Boko Haram insurgency.

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