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6 inexplicable deaths torment Lagosians in one month!

In the last one month, six deaths which attracted enormous attention have remained largely inexplicable and unresolved.
Lagosians are as confused at the end of the day as they were following the announcement of the tragedies. Unlike in other climes where causes of death and the victims’ last hours become public, everything is shrouded here. And we just move on until the next story breaks.
Between October 2 and 31, we counted Tagbo Umeike, Olugbemiga Abiodun, Chime Amaechina Jude, Lukman Olowu, Promise Nse Clement and Jide Tinubu among those who died suddenly in their prime.
And we have no clear picture of what exactly happened.

Here are the tragedies with inexplicable scenarios and causes of death as compiled by

1. Tagbo Umeike died on Tuesday, October 2.
Right now, the only thing we are told is that he died of suffocation! And that his corpse was deposited at Lagos Island General Hospital by Davido’s escort vehicle driver and two accomplices.
When, where and how exactly did he die?
Are those who deposited his corpse going to face trial?

2. Olugbemiga Abiodun and Chime Amaechina Jude died in a car on Saturday, October 8 in an underground car park in Banana Island (Lagos).
The reports of their autopsy have not been released in spite of the noise that greeted their deaths.
Did they suffocate? Were they poisoned? Where did they eat and drink? Who came to them in a hooded top to drop something off? Was it drugs?

3. Lukman Olowu and Promise Nse Clement were found dead in a Toyota Corolla car in Ogba, practically naked on Sunday, October 29.
Neighbours and families denied that they were lovers as they suspect murder.
Which party were they coming from? Did they branch at a hotel? What did they drink and eat? Did they die from breathing carbon monoxide?

4. Jide, first son of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu suddenly died on Tuesday, October 31.
While some said he lived in an estate in Ikeja area of Lagos, others claimed he resided in the Lekki axis.
Did he eat and drink at a spot? Was he poisoned? Was he nursing an ailment?

All the deaths are yet to be properly explained as we all speculate, weave conspiracy theories and accept mysterious conclusions.
What’s killing our youths?

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