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6 things Toyin Aimakhu should do to elevate her game

Yoruba actress, Toyin Aimakhu and her failed relationship issue managed to return to the news this week after fans had a few weeks breather from her never ending relationship drama.

But after yesterday’s ‘Police settlement’ with her ex lover and filmmaker, Seun Egbeegbe, considers the necessity for the lovable actress to up her game professionally if she is to fully reach her potentials.

Here are the six things Toyin Aimakhu needs to do as soon as practicable to upgrade her game..

1.      She needs to see a cosmetologist. The actress’s uneven skin tone could be improved upon by a simple visit to a quality cosmetologist.

2.      Toyin needs to attend a poise school to brush up her etiquette.

3.      As naturally talented as the actress is, she still needs to go to an acting school so that she can become versatile enough to play posh roles.

4.      She needs to read more about entertainers and how they conduct themselves locally and internationally.

5.      She needs to visit a stylist to help her upgrade her dress code.

6.      Lastly but not least important, Toyin needs to deepen her spirituality. She needs to move closer to God.

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