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6 ways marrying a billionaire will change Zahra Buhari’s life forever

On Friday, December 16, Zahra, the 22 year old daughter of Hajia Aisha and President Muhammadu Buhari, joined the coveted 1% as she tied the nuptial knots at Abuja Central Mosque with Ahmed, son of billionaire oil magnate, Mohammed Indimi.

The marriage into the family of the money man from Borno catapults the Buharis onto the top league. 

Money for fabulous things will no longer be a source of long deliberation. And their world will be littered with ‘the good things of life’. 

Living the billionaire lifestyle is better imagined as all the appurtenances of splendour become readily accessible. 

For Zahra, whose father, President Muhammadu Buhari, claimed to be struggling with little assets to his name, her world assumes a more colourful meaning as far as money goes. 

Being the wife of the son of a billionaire is already showing from the 30 Louis Viutton bags presented as part of her dowry.  Now at her beck and call is a new lifestyle the other 99% can only fantasise about.


Here are some of the ways her life has changed forever…

  1. Access to private jets and first class tickets

From the cattle class (economy) or at best business class, she can now move to first class on the best airlines without thinking of the cost.

She now even has access to private jets to take her around the world.


  1. She’s now madam of at least 5 luxurious homes across the world 

Billionaires usually have a minimum of five magnificent homes across the world.

And for the Indimis, they are expected to have homes with retinue of domestic staff in Abuja  (where they operate their business from), Borno (their homestead), Lagos  (Nigeria’s commercial hub), United States of America  (where Ahmed Indimi studied) and the United Kingdom  (the second home of most wealthy Nigerians).

These homes are expected to be painstaking furnished with all the gadgets money and imagination choose.


  1. Wonder on wheels favoured by the discerning 

Rolls Royce, Bentley, Masetati, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz and luxury automobiles will be in their garage. And they will be ‘bullet proof’.

These cars will be scattered wherever they call home.


  1. Exquisite clothes and accessories and jewels 

Those Hermes leather bags many kill their conscience for will line her walk in closets. With more difficult to acquire accessories in dozens.

Gold and diamond will become her friends, and designers will scamper to be in her good books.

  1. Her friends will change

Wives of other billionaires, and associates who operate in her league will become her new companions.

Her lexicon will change, so will her taste in all things. And her friends must speak her new language.

Most of her old friends will become distant by choice as she will operate on a different level they cannot keep up with.


  1. She will step up her etiquette 

Since she will be mixing with the 1%, she has to elevate her form, and take lessons in etiquette.

From how to walk and talk, eat and dress and entertain, it is a new world with its own language.


The world of billionaires are littered with the best things life has to offer, from medicare to nutrition,  enjoyment and more.

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