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6 ways Mercy Aigbe’s husband can avoid prison

The case against Olanrewaju Gentry, the estranged husband of star actress, Mercy Aigbe, arraigned for breach of the peace, physical assault and causing grievous bodily harm, is watertight…and only a few steps can save him from prison.

Apart from allegedly commiting the offences in public glare with many witnesses, there are medical reports to nail him.

What’s more, he was uncooperative as agents of government waded in. And the court of public opinion has already pronounced him guilty as charged.

But the 52 year old hotelier and auto merchant can still save himself.


Here are 6 steps that may save the father of four children who has a step daughter as compiled by


  1. Engage a matured consultant.

Who understands how the media and the judiciary work, and grounded in ways  to resolve marital crises.

The consultant is aware that in marital squabbles with children, both partners have too much to lose.

He immediately advises Gentry to forget the social media war, and stop granting interviews.


  1. Meet elders in both families, and show remorse and plead for peace.

After the elders accept his position, they use their experiences and wisdom to win the heart of Mercy Aigbe.

The first step is for her to stop washing their horrendously filthy linen in public. Leave social media for some time and stop granting interviews.

The elders will later invite the couple to, at least, make peace for the sake of their children.

If love can be rekindled, better.


  1. Meet and pacify their children.

Apologise for the public humiliation and opprobrium he and his estranged wife subjected them to.

They also need therapy for the short and long term mental torture the salacious entertainment created.

He also must regularly see his children and double the love he shows emotionally, and ensure their financial needs are reasonably met.


  1. He should beg his wife, admit his fault and seek anger management help.

He should try and work on seeking her forgiveness.

Once he’s forgiven, every other thing falls in place.


  1. Get a good lawyer.

In the short run, he needs a good and reasonable lawyer whose first task is to buy time. And see that peace can be achieved.

He must also understand criminal law….


  1. Seek the cooperation of all the agents of government.

He should redeem himself before the prosecution, staffers of Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, and those of Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team.

Once they are not antagonistic, his case becomes less vexatious and combative.



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