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6 ways you will benefit from Microsoft’s $26.2 billion LinkedIn deal

The announcement today, Monday, June 13, 2016 that Microsoft has completed a $26.2 billion purchase of LinkedIn has created a great deal of excitement with users wondering what the future holds for the business networking site.

They need not wonder too much as Microsoft has provided insights into how the

companies’ products might work together.

1. LinkedIn profiles, containing a person’s resume, skills and endorsements and recommendations from colleagues, will be visible not just in LinkedIn but also in Microsoft’s Outlook, Skype and Office.

2. LinkedIn’s newsfeed, part of each member’s home page, will be able to provide articles about projects the member is pursuing. Then, through Office, it will be able to suggest experts reachable through LinkedIn to assist with the task. The feed will incorporate the member’s calendar too.

3. Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant, will “know” your LinkedIn professional network, for example informing you that you went to the same school as someone you’re meeting with later that day.

4. Users of Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM will be able to connect to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which uses LinkedIn’s member network to help salespeople build relationships.

5. Corporate leaders will be better able to track who spends time with and collaborates with whom, providing insight into their workers’ productivity.

6. LinkedIn Learning will be integrated with Office, recommending and providing learning in the workplace. LinkedIn bought leading online-learning site in April 2015 for $1.5 billion.

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