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7 accusations against Matthew Agbaire, alleged lover of Ivie Edobor


The marriage of Matthew Agbaire, the fingered lover in the adultery mess threatening the peace of the Edobors, will be facing a difficult time .

Apart from the answers he has to provide to his wife and mother of his children, along with his in-laws,  the noise generated by John and Ivie Edobor has painted Matthew Agbaire in bad light.

Remember, he faces 7 accusations:

  1. He was accused of cavorting with a married woman, spending time with her at odd hours, staying late in her house and sleeping in her bedroom.
  2. He was accused of having sex with a pregnant woman.
  3. He was confronted on the phone about the accusations.
  4. He was with a married woman till 1:20 am on June 19.
  5. He was alleged to have fought the husband of his alleged lover.
  6. He’s being accused of being the one that broke the limb of Ivie Edobor.
  7. What’s more, he has been named by John as encouraging his wife to abort the twins ( John claimed his wife conceived in November 2015).

After answering these questions, it is clear that he has betrayed the trust of his wife and contributed in no small measure in jeopardising the future of the Edobors.

Whether his marriage will not be adversely affected is unclear.

And don’t forget, he will be a prosecution witness in the attempted murder trial of John Edobor, the former banker who has now lost his job.

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