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7 new expose bury Lekan Shonde’s accounts – Alleged lover of Ronke, her family and friend present more evidence

The account of alleged killer Lekan Shonde, 51, whose 36 year old wife Ronke was found lifeless in their Egbada-Idimu (Lagos) apartment in the morning of Friday, May 6, 2016, has been further debunked with damning revelations painting him as a liar, womanizer and batterer.

The Bewajis, his in-laws, Kayode, the alleged manager lover of Ronke, and one of the friends of the mother of two children, Ashabi, narrated the pains in the eight year marriage of the Shondes.

Their revelations, in Punch, if true, have succeeded in nailing the dock-worker who was on the run for three days before he surrendered on Monday, May 9, to the commander of Rapid Response Squad (ACP Tunji DISU).


Here are 7 new revelations in the tragedy that claimed Ronke Shonde’s life…


  1. Lekan Shonde had always harassed Kayode, a good friend of Ronke‘s late brother (Jide). He repeatedly sent messages to Kayode which he largely ignored about their rumored adultery.


  1. Kayode, who joined the packaging company owned by Ronke’s uncle, claimed that their relationship was professional. But admitted that they travelled together for official duties.


  1. That the Abuja trip on behalf of the company was to recruit staffers for their  branch there.


  1. WhatsApp messages released by the Bewajis showed the conversation between Lekan and Ashabi, Ronke’s friend, where he was begging for forgiveness, promising to stop beating his wife and philandering.


  1. In the conversation,he claimed that the love child brought by his baby mama was a set up.  And denied the baby’s paternity.


  1. Ronke slid into depression following the episode of the baby mama and love child. Ronke was weeping, according to Ashabi, and said she was tired of the domestic violence and public embarrassment.


  1. Lekan apologized and promised to turn a new leaf since he didn’t want to lose Ronke.

These new revelations contradict Lekan’s claims.

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