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7 types of men you usually meet at a football game

The UEFA Champions League Just Got Hotter! With the Quarter final in full swing, on Wednesday April 4th, the international premium lager beer, Heineken, brought together football fans all over Abuja and Lagos to an exclusive viewing of the games at the Tak Klub House, Abuja and Ember Creek, VI, Lagos respectively.

So we picked out twenty types of men we saw at the venues. There were so many but we had to narrow it down to seven. Here you go –

Here’s a list of the types of men you meet at a football game

  •          The Geek: This overly intellectual men are not necessarily the most fashionable, however, they know the genesis and revelation of football in the world. They are always in pursuit of a conversation they know they will win. And they alwayswin!
  •          The Hottie: They are not your regular football watchers. You wonder whether it’s football they are there to watch or walk a runway. They drink in silence and look like they are posing for even their shirts. Even their shout is pretty. Lol!
  •          The Bae: This guy comes along with his better half who also understands the game of football. Both are coming as full-fledged football fans. It’s even better if they support different clubs, then there is drama.
  •          The Newbie: Subjectively, as the title describes, they are there with a friend. They are “tear-rubber” fans. They are clueless to the clubs playing and they always try to join in the conversation but only end up looking funny. But there’s always a first time for everything, right?
  •          The “How Did I Get Here”?: This is the one who just got dragged by a friend. He’s most likely going to be on his phone all through but he will have bouts of staring at the screen trying to figure who is who and might most likely root for the wrong team.
  •          The Wannabe: They think that football is so cool and even though they know nothing about it, they just keep repeating the same things that fans in-the-know are saying. These are the Yes guys of the game.
  •          The Past Glory: These ones are not up to date on the latest soccer trends. They know a few popular names from idle gossip and from years ago when the stars they are naming were at the top.

If there was one message that echoed forth from the Heineken experience, it’s clear that football lovers have character, passion and drama!


– Seyi


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