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7 ways pastors can prevent Apostle Johnson Suleman and Stephanie Otobo’s sex scandal

The opprobrium coming the way of Apostle Johnson Suleman, in spite of the accusations of Stephanie Otobo being merely allegations, is becoming burdensome. Many events cast doubt in the minds of Nigerians about what actually transpired between the pastor and the singer.

And close watchers, disturbed by the position the scandal has placed Apostle Suleman, have recommended ways to avoid such predicament in future by ‘men of God’.
Here are ways monumental mess that can discolour and damage ministries can be prevented:
1. Separate church and personal accounts, and keep detailed records that can be independently verified.
2. Don’t send money to ladies directly (or anyone) unless you know them well. Make gifts to people you don’t know official, with personal aides dealing with the persons.
3. Never be alone with ladies, even in your office, not to talk of anywhere else. Always have aides around.
4. Keep a journal with details of your activities so that your stories can be easily corroborated. Keep the diary neat and simple with events and people and dates.
5. Don’t call ladies or chat with them at odd hours. Records of calls and chats easily turn to blackmail materials.
6. Live above board and abandon frivolous engagements. You should live the Bible and be seen to be living it.
7. Flamboyance has no place in the life of a genuine pastor. It is vanity and a display of your weakness.

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