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8 posers for Buhari after release of Dapchi girls

Kidnapped on February 19, 2018, right in their school premises in Dapchi, Yobe state, and returned on March 21, posers about the drama engineered by Boko Haram terrorists are flying afield.

It took a long time to establish how many girls were kidnapped, and we are still unsure of the number released.
Observers are raising quite a number of posers for President Muhammadu Buhari’s attention.
And here are a few posers as compiled by
1. Who ordered the withdrawal of security agents from Dapchi?
2. Why are you negotiating with terrorists who will continually kidnap to receive ransom?
3. How many girls were released?
4. Why were journalists barred from Dapchi?
5. How much ransom was paid?
6. Who negotiated the ransom, and how was it paid?
7. People are alarmed that those who brought back the girls were not arrested.
8. How will the government prevent another Dapchi?



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